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Q: What is Collabovestor all about?

Collabovestor is an exclusive community where members share market information, analysis, investing tips and strategies, and any other useful material that empowers other members to make better-informed investment decisions. Sharing top quality information is encouraged by rewarding those members that provide such information as voted by the community.

Q: What is an Info Share?

An Info Share is simply information that is shared by a member with the community on the Info Share board. An Info Share can be an analysis article, a trading strategy, or perhaps some educational material that lifts other members’ understanding of the markets. Essentially, an Info Share can be any data related to financial markets that can aid the community in their investments.

Q: What is Street Cred and how can I earn more?

Street Cred is a measure of a Collabovestor member’s merit. The higher the Street Cred, the greater the probability of earning rewards within a voting period. We use a proprietary formula to calculate Street Cred, but we can say that receiving an abundance of votes for an Info Share does increase the Street Cred of the member who posted the Info Share. Therefore, to earn more Street Cred, you need to increase the number of votes that your Info Shares receive. To do that, contribute more good-quality Info Shares with your fellow members.

Q: What is a Worthie?

A Worthie is a member who has earned a reward during a voting period (typically a month). Each voting period the members who earn the most Street Cred are considered the Worthies and hence earn rewards.

Q: What is Bitcoin and why do I need an address?

Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto-currency that allows people all over the world to transfer value in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of traditional wire transfer, all while preserving the privacy of both sender and receiver. Thus, to transfer bitcoin from a sender to a receiver does not require a third-party, thereby simplifying the entire process. As such we have decided to pay out all rewards in bitcoins. To learn more about Bitcoin visit

In order to receive bitcoin payments each member will need to add a Bitcoin address to his/her profile. The easiest way to get a Bitcoin address is to setup a wallet on your home PC or mobile phone. Learn more about Bitcoin wallets at Wallets.

Q: Why do you charge a membership fee?

Collabovestor wants to attract only serious members to be part of our community. By having a paid membership we reduce or eliminate the spammers, fraudsters, leeches and trolls that you find lurking on free forums and sites. In addition, a large part of the revenue collected is distributed to members via rewards. Thus, by sharing membership revenue with the community, the goal is to incentivize our members to share the best market information possible. That way, all members benefit: Those sharing information earn Street Cred, which can lead to rewards. Those consuming the information can be confident that they are getting top-quality data to aid them in their investment-making decisions.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the major credit cards as well as bitcoin for the privilege of joining Collabovestor.

Q: How often does Collabovestor pay out the Worthies

We pay out rewards shortly after each voting period, which is monthly.

Q: How can I retain my privacy?

To join Collabovestor, we only require a valid email address and do not collect any personally-identifying information, unless paying by credit card, which for obvious reasons, requires extra data to be captured. If, on the other hand, you choose to pay by bitcoin, then you retain your privacy to the greatest extent.

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