About Collabovestor

Our journey through the world of the financial markets began many years ago. Like so many others, we had a desire to invest our hard-earned money where we could see it grow steadily towards a considerable amount. We learned early on that successful investing is not the easiest game to play. Lack of the proper education, strategies, analysis, mentorship and information is a sure way to lose most, if not all, of one’s investment capital.

Thus, we set upon the path to acquire as much knowledge of the markets as we could. Unfortunately, attaining an education in financial markets is arduous as there is just so much misleading information, so many ineffective strategies, and so many scams. Furthermore, access to good financial instruction or information is often extremely expensive.

This frustration prompted us to think hard about a solution. We wondered if there could be a way to a) have access to quality market information, analysis, strategies and techniques; b) participate in a community of like-minded people who can share their insights and where everyone can learn together to be more successful investors; c) reduce or eliminate people from selling their own agenda in order to profit from us; and d) incentivize collaboration by rewarding merit. We believe Collabovestor is that solution.

As with any art, our journey in the financial markets is far from over. We are dedicated to continually learning and improving. We remain humble and inquisitive, knowing that there is always much to discover. But we are aware that as we learn more, we must also edify others’ knowledge by sharing what we have learned. Only through collaboration can we hope to grow our collective understanding of the markets and succeed with our personal investments. If you feel the same way, we sincerely hope that you join us on this most exciting and prosperous adventure.


We aim to provide a service where our members can feel confident that they are receiving access to the best market information, analysis, strategies and education provided by fellow members. Through this collaboration, our goal is for members to make better informed investment decisions and ultimately, to be more empowered, more self-reliant, and more successful investors.

Our strength will be in the community of members. Our pledge is to provide a place that attracts like-minded individuals who want to share in the Collabovestor experience. To that end, we will always bestow generous rewards to the members that contribute the most value to our membership and who have the most merit. This will ensure continual success to our community.