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A private membership that rewards sharing valuable market information and analysis

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Not All Market Information is Created Equal

Gone are the days where investors made their trading decisions based solely on a single source of information. No longer should an investor be at the mercy of an agenda of a broker, analyst or market pundit. Time to break free of the old paradigm and embrace Social Investing.

Social Investing focuses more on collaboration between investors in order to aid them in making better investment decisions. Social Investors learn from others through sharing market information, strategies, tips and analysis. As a result, the entire community benefits.

Collabovestor takes Social Investing to another level. Our private membership rewards its members for sharing good information, insight and analysis. Stop losing so much of your investment capital. Stop being uninformed. Start taking control of your investment decisions. Join the Collabovestor community and feel empowered to be the best investor that you can be.

How it Works

Analyze and Share

Once you are a registered member, you gain access to the many benefits of Collabovestor including the Info Share board. There, you can build your audience (followers) and credibility (Street Cred) by posting valuable market information, analysis, strategies, tips, news or just about anything you think other members will find useful.

Vote for Good Market Information

At the same time you are free to learn from other members' posts and use that information to aid you in your investment decisions. If you find some information that you think is extremely valuable, then you can add your vote to that Info Share. Likewise, if you are posting lots of valuable information, others can vote for your Info Shares.


Each month the members who have earned the most votes earn rewards. Cha-ching!